Gene Testing As A Proactive Form of Healthcare

It costs pennies to swab saliva and send it to a lab, or takes only minutes to get a simple blood test at a local lab. Conversely, a single course of chemotherapy can be a severely life-diminishing campaign to battle cancer - even though many forms of cancer can now be completely avoided with a higher degree of detection and screening thanks to the modern miracle of genetic testing.

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23 And Me Wins Full FDA Approval for Genetic Test Kits

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will now permit the marketing by 23 And Me of their unique direct-to-consumer genetic test for Bloom Syndrome, a rare genetic condition. Perhaps even more importantly, this new decision by the FDA is likely to be the harbinger of many similar approvals that allow gene test companies to release many other helpful genetic marker test kits for detection of other ailments.

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